Monday, August 31, 2009

Please remember to wear a cover up to and from dance.

Parents and Students,

I can not stress enough how important it is for your child (specially teens) to be fully covered when entering and exiting the building. This means work out clothes, a dress, school clothes. Anything that covers the tights and leotard.
The reason we have established this rule is from the experience of myself and my teachers in the 20 years of teaching we have heard of far too many situations or stories that are avoidable by students covering up when leaving dance. Please remember we're in a public place with our closest retail store being a large chain store for construction workers and men. I don't want to worry anyone, but simply remind you why we have our policy.

Your child's safety is super important to us. We have established check in/check outs for this reason. We don't dismiss our children from classes until the parent is present for this reason. I hope that you support us in these steps towards protecting our children.

* please refrain from wearing dance shoes outside to prevent avoidable wear and tear.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A mention in the News...

Spring Hill Arts Center branches into independent businesses

Remember, to support your local arts.

We had our official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony this week! We are excited to announce we are up and running. Classes start this Monday. 
Check out our schedule to see which classes still have openings left.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Congrats! 2009 Performance Group

Casting for Fall Performance:

Rodeo (Ballet)

Madison Hopkins
Tori Ingram
Katie Messina
Hannah Evans
Brooklyn Shipley
Haley Wilder
Hannah Evans

Barn Dance (Jazz)

Julianna LeRoy
Madison Hopkins
Caitlyn Herman
Katie Irvine
Sarah Hall

Hip Hop

Abbie Jones
Katie Irvine
Sarah Hall
Haley Wilder
Reagen Boone


Julianna LeRoy
Madison Hopkins

* Any student still interested in joining the Fall Show will have to set up a separate audition with the instructors


Casting for Christmas Show will be later in the season

More about the Company:
* There is no charge for being in the company. All students must purchase a TDAC track jacket with students name on the front, will be responsible for performance wear, and MUST maintain a B average in academics.