Monday, October 25, 2010

Suzies Dolls

Each week we're going to introduce a new "Ballet" product sold exclusively at TDAC. These items will be handmade by local businesses that have students who attend TDAC. This week we are starting to take orders for the Ballerina Doll exclusively sold at Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory. You can get the hair and eyes to match your little girl!
This adorable doll will make a perfect Christmas gift for the little girls who just love ballet!

"Suzie's Dolls started out as a family dream to bring beautifully hand crafted dolls made by artisan doll makers at an affordable price. From the minds and inspiration of Suzie, Alex and Grandma Jiji (Hee-hee), Suzie's dolls was created in the hopes to be that beloved doll no girl can leave home without."
The website is, we can make a little banner to go with the stand with the price and the dolls available, we will not offer the doll with the ballet dress on the website, it will be exclusively yours. If the do buy it online they will have to get the doll for $20 and the outfit separate for $8.99 plus shipping.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dress Up with us!

Come Dress Up with Us!

All Creative Movement, Combo and Pre Ballet students encouraged to wear their ballet skirts or tutus!

80's Week for Jazz classes!
Dress up with your most fabulous spandex leotards, leg warmers, and headbands. (You may have to ask mom what she wore back in the 80's).

The week of 10/25-10/30
Can't wait to see you all! We'll be taking pictures!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dancing with the Starz and TAD

This past weekend we had two exciting events going on in the middle Tennessee area. We are so glad that our community strives to bring in master classes, choreographers, and companies to help expose our dance students to the art of dance.

The Tennessee Association of Dance Statewide Conference took place Saturday and Sunday. Students Katie, Madison, Maggie, David and Ms. Megan and Ms. Lindsey were up and out of Spring Hill at 6:00 AM Saturday morning. The day included four 1.5 hour dance classes, two performances, and a lot of running into friends from across the state.
Three of ours students took part in a class audition for summer scholarship. For some of them this was a whole new experience, but a great one never the less.

This event is for students ages 12 & up in an intermediate level or higher. It's a great affordable local conference that we will attend every year. It is always the 3rd week of October. So mark it on your calendars and we hope to see a lot more students attending next year!

Ballet program students Julianna, Reagan,Esabella and Emma all joined Ms. Howell in taking class at Nashville Ballet for a master class event called "Dancing with the Starz".

Company Dancers Kim Ratcliffe and Jon Upleger will be the Guest Teachers for this first Master Class with the “Starz” of Nashville Ballet. Additional classes will be held on January 28, 2011, and on April 15, 2011.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Never too young to start

Our combination 2 class is by far the biggest class we have ever had. The amazing thing is despite the class size or the student's age (6&7) it is one of the most well behaved hardest working classes I have ever taught. ( picture below)

Many of the kids have had at least one previous year of combination class but some have been with us since 3yrs starting in creative movement. The idea is to start the students off young so all things dance become second nature tithe student.

The challenge with teaching any age is making it relevant to that age group. Fundamentals and classroom etiquette can be learned by 3 year olds just as easy as 8 year olds. It may take some creative analogies and lots of repetition but you will get there.

This morning in creative movement, a class room of first year students, we discussed the difference between adiago and allergo. They were telling me what those differences were, listening to music and distinguishing the two, and dancing accordingly. They can also tell you stage direction, how to stand in line, and the proper way to thank your teacher in dance class. These little things are not the main goal of class, but through games and rhymes students pick them up. Students also focus on ballet terminology and basic steps. Monthly themes keep the students focused on learning one major step each month allowing it to really absorb into their memories.

So well creative movement may look like all fun and games it is a great foundation for a future dancer.

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